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ZEN OCEANS was founded in 2020 by three engineers who are passionate about the ocean and making seaborn transportation truly sustainable, once again. As our pioneering forefathers explored the oceans with sailing ships, we believe the time is ripe for closing the circle and returning to zero emission seaborn transportation. 


Andreas Norberg, Co-founder

Andreas is an experienced entrepreneur who has been involved in several start-ups, and industry successes within the maritime domain. Andreas has worked with technology development, R&D, ship design and shipbuilding his entire career. ZEN OCEANS was his next step and he is fully committed to electrifying the oceans. 


Fridtjof C. Eitzen, Co-founder

Fridtjof has over 10 years domain experience from shipping, with a large network in the maritime industry. He is the fifth generation of the Norwegian shipping company Camillo Eitzen & Co and currently serves as Chairman of Christiania Shipping in Copenhagen. With a genuine passion for the oceans, he co-founded ZEN OCEANS and now seeks to leverage his domain experience to achieve its vision.


Håvard Knappskog, Co-founder

vard is our technical wizard, with a backround in cybernetics from NTNU and the University of Florida. He is an experienced system architect and developer within battery integration in hybrid power plants, and during his time in ABB, he has designed, delivered and commissioned multiple hybrid-electric ship systems. ZEN OCEANS is his logical next step in taking maritime electrification to the next level.

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