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ZEN Oceans was founded in 2020 by a group of engineers who are passionate about the ocean and making seaborn transportation truly sustainable, once again. As our pioneering forefathers explored the oceans with sailing ships, we believe the time is ripe for closing the circle and returning to zero emission seaborn transportation.

ZEN Oceans is a creator of fully electric ships, at heart. We are committed to proving that fully electric ships can be more sustainable and safer than its peers, while at the same time converging to a state of being operationally superior and commercially preferable. We are here to inspire change by delivering meticulously engineered ships and impose progress by providing value to our customers.

Our ambition is to be a one-stop-shop for delivery of fully electric ships. As part of the journey towards realizing wide adoption of electric ships, we develop proprietory battery systems designed for high-energy application as well as technology that can allow for autonomous operation in the future.   

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